Deep Sentinel Customer Testimonial: Kate (Chinese Version: 中文版)

Deep Sentinel:新一代家庭安全系统。真人警卫实时守卫的安保系统。每当有陌生人出现在您的住所外围,人工智能摄像机会在数秒内检测并发送到检测中心,由专业人员实时应对潜在危险。专业人员会利用系统内置双向音频实时对话可疑人员,在必要时,几秒内便会通知警方,而不是几分钟。




Deep Sentinel: The next generation of home security. Real human guards watching your cameras in real time. Cameras stream within seconds to local AI to detect potential threats, guards watch every time a person enters or exits your home, and can engage potential criminals with two-way audio and contact police within seconds, not minutes.

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Choosing the Best Security Company for Your Needs

Every person wishes to stay in a safe and secure risk-free globe. Sadly, in today’s world it is practically necessary to have a complete safety and security system to stay in that kind of atmosphere. It is a fact that if your residence is furnished with an alarm system that is monitored you can conserve up to twenty percent on your house insurance coverage repayment. There are a wide selection of security options and also companies to select from. Which one to pick depends on your budge as well as what sort of protection you need. It could be to protect your property from fire or burglary or maybe checking devices.

Re-Keying Door Locks – Padlocks and Cam Locks

So what exactly is Re-Keying as well as what does it imply to you? Re-Keying is the process where the lock code as well as keys are changed.

5 Major Types of Security Camera to Install Anywhere

Mounting a safety and security cam on the premises offers a best option to protect the residence or small organization setting. Security cameras are a fantastic visible deterrent to prevent the prospective burglar.

Wired and Wireless Alarms Systems for the Home or Small Business

The sort of alarm mounted in the home or local business premises mostly depend on where you live, spending plan, layout, as well as individual preference. Expenses can vary significantly with the security system, which can range from the bells-only alarm system that sends out a loud noise to the kept track of systems that alert the resident or paid safety service.

Utility Locks

Utility locks need to be extremely familiar to us, these are locks that are used every day. Some examples of Utility Locks are closet locks, storage locker locks, tool box locks, storage locks as well as mailbox locks.

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