Prevent & Protect Crime with Deep Sentinel

Learn why our founder, David Selinger, decided to build Deep Sentinel after a home invasion happened in his neighborhood.

What Makes a Secure Padlock?

The solution to this inquiry may be extremely subjective. It would certainly depend on what the person’s definition of safety is. It would certainly likewise rely on what that person is attempting to safeguard. In the instance of locks, usually speaking, the higher the cost the greater the safety and security.

What Goes in a Personal or Diversion Safe?

Ever before watched a James Bond film where he pulls the heel of his footwear off as well as it’s a cellular phone? Or the button on his t-shirt is a cam and the ink pen in his pocket is truly a poisonous substance dart? The very same principle applies with diversion safes. They are planned to hide items in plain view as to not accentuate themselves making it hard to find.

Easy Tips to Discourage Burglary! Know How to Keep Burglars Away From Your Abode

Take preventive actions to stay clear of burglaries. For preventing your house from opportunist burglars, you need not set up missiles on your roof! Simply a few clever procedures as well as routines will lead you to the safety and security lane.

Diversion Safes: The Most Overlooked Form of Security for Your Valuables

Cost-effective means to secure as well as safeguard your products of worth such as precious jewelry as well as cash money. Diversion safes are cost-effective as well as very efficient.

Must Have Security System Features!

Technology for video clip security as well as security has actually considerably enhanced over the last 2 years. Today, items in every sphere, particularly this domain have actually revealed fantastic advancements. Sometimes, this ground forces us to think of that exactly how we were enduring one decade back without all this.

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