STOPPED by Deep Sentinel #13: Live Guards Catching Thieves

The weekly compilation of crime stops by Deep Sentinel: live guards on duty, stepping up to prevent crime. Through the use of cameras, AI-technology, and 2-way audio, our live guards are able to PROACTIVELY prevent crime — something that no other alarm or security system can do. Featured on this week’s episode:

1. Live guards deter dumpster diver at a residential complex in Santa Rosa, CA (0:01)
2. Deep Sentinel guards scare off a thief at a retail storefront in Joplin, MO (0:17)
3. Live guards preventing loitering at a commercial property in Petaluma, CA (0:34)
4. Guards scaring off suspicious trespasser at a local business in San Francisco, California (0:53)
5. Deep Sentinel guards deterring a loiterer at a commercial property in Muskogee, OK (1:19)
6. Live guards catch auto thief red-handed, and deter the suspect at a residential neighborhood in Henderson, NV (1:37)

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Network IP CCTV Surveillance Systems

Analogue as well as Network IP CCTV Security Equipments – What is CCTV? “CCTV” acronym significance Closed Circuit Television, as well as is used for a series of applications in which cameras are positioned smartly throughout the facilities for the best captured visual and/or audio recording, recorded back to one central location. sharifcrish. If you go to a lot of large sellers, you will see that they have digitally tagged their pricey products. It’s possible to tag all the items consisting of appeal items and also alcohol. Typically, stores use protection tags to protect products that are most generally stolen. Actually, safety tags supply an easy service for organizations to safeguard their supply. Continue reading to know even more regarding it.

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