STOPPED by Deep Sentinel #23: Live Guards Preventing Crime

The weekly compilation of crime stops by Deep Sentinel: live guards on duty, stepping up to prevent crime. Through the use of cameras, AI-technology, and 2-way audio, our live guards are able to PROACTIVELY prevent crime — something that no other alarm or security system can do. Featured on this week’s episode:

1. Live guards intervene on a suspect at a closed convenience store in Vallejo, CA. The suspect is seen tampering with the front door, but our guard cordially communicates that the store is closed. The suspect flees the property without any further interaction needed. (0:01)
2. Deep Sentinel guard intervenes on two trespassers loitering on a customer’s front doorsteps in San Francisco, CA. As soon as the suspects hear our guards voice through the camera’s microphone, they apologize and leave the property instantly. (0:11)
3. Deep Sentinel’s AI deterrent triggers on two trespassers at a commercial property in Eureka, CA. The suspects are deterred away, and our live guard is able to verify that the property is now free of trespassers. (0:27)
4. Live guards notice a suspect biking outside of a customer’s business in Eureka, CA. As soon as the suspect steps off his bike, our guard jumps on the live feed to deter him — he leaves the property immediately without further action needed. (0:45)
5. Deep Sentinel’s live guard deters a trespasser (another biker!) away from a closed commercial storefront in Santa Rosa, CA. (1:01)

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Wireless Driveway Alert System

If you want to install an alarm system at your driveway, it can be a rather overwhelming procedure. There are lots of sorts of driveway alarms therefore several functions to think about that you may have a difficult time figuring out what to go for. You require to be very cautious concerning the system that you select. Be certain to consider different things and contrast costs so as to finish up with the very best out there. A few of things that can actually assist you consist of:

Some Of The Best Security Fencing Options To Look For

Usually, we make use of fences to block the unauthorized entrances inside our home, business location or any type of other area. In these protection fences, there are a number of alternatives available with various specifications which will set you back appropriately. One can choose among the mesh fence, chain-link secure fencing, metal hoarding and also others according to their usage for securing their properties.

Personal Alarms – If You Want Personal Protection, Then Wallop Your Attacker With Sound

Individual protection should be something extremely important to our health today. Just see the news or perhaps take a look around in your area – every night there appears to be various muggings, burglaries and also capturings. Many individuals protest carrying firearms or knives so just how do they shield themselves versus the creeps who are looking to hurt them? One way is to obtain an Individual Alarm. It is obvious that a Personal Alarm system can supply advantages that may conserve your stay in a precarious situation

Diversion Safes – Why Every House Should Have at Least One Diversion Safe

In today’s times, you must establish a place to hide your prized possessions where no person would believe to try to find them. Some people will certainly still use the shoe box, under the mattress or in the sock cabinet to shield their valuables. Let’s do a test. The number of locations in your cooking area can you hide some prized possessions, e.g. credit cards, that you have easy access yet are still concealed from somebody searching for loot? You could put the cards in a cabinet, a storage room, even in your refrigerator. Yet, once more, aren’t these areas that might be conveniently looked? Now, what happens if you could place your charge card in a container of Ajax Cleanser or a canister of corn or perhaps a canister of coffee?

Home Security Products – The Best Way to Ensure the Security of Your House and Why

Home thefts might occur any time of the day or evening, specifically when no one is at residence. We all assume that if we secure the doors in the evening that we are risk-free. And that may be real however allowed’s speak about the initial flooring of your home. Do you actually check the locks on Every One Of your doors during the night or when you leave the home? What concerning your home windows – are they all locked?

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