STOPPED by Deep Sentinel #35: REAL Guards That Protect Your Property

Check out this compilation of crime stops by Deep Sentinel: live guards on duty, stepping up to prevent crime! Through the use of cameras, AI-technology, and 2-way audio, our live guards are able to PROACTIVELY prevent crime — something that no other alarm or security system can do.

Featured in this week’s crime stop:
• Deep Sentinel guard prevents dumpster diving at a local business in Lakeland, FL.
• Live guards prevent an auto break-in at a residential property in Snelville, GA.
• Deep Sentinel guard deters a loiterer at a gas station in Pleasanton, CA.
• Live guard scares off a trespasser at a commercial warehouse in Santa Rosa, CA.
• Deep Sentinel guard stopped vandalism-in-progress at a commercial building in Los Angeles, CA.
• Live guard deters a window-peeper at a closed small business in San Francisco, CA.

Be sure to tune in every Tuesday for our weekly crime stops! Learn more and get protected today at:

3 Of The Most Common Door Locks

Door locks are the backbone of your residence’s protection; for that reason, you must make sure that you buy the ideal locks for your house to be safe. To help you out here are some of one of the most typical locks that you can use in your house: Deadbolt Locks – They are typical on exterior doors. The exterior side of the system has a keyhole while the interior side has a cylinder that has a thumb lock that help in interesting and disengaging the screw. There is a special sort of deadbolt locks called dual cyndrical tube. These systems are identified by a keyhole on the indoor side.

5 Ways To Prevent Lock Bumping

Lock bumping is a prominent method that you can utilize to open your lock if you shed your home secrets. Here you require to place a cut trick into the lock and after that bump it making use of a mallet or screwdriver. Doing this forces the pins in the lock to transform which results to opening of the door.

Protect Your Privacy

Personal privacy is very important. There is nonetheless a high chance that people will certainly always intend to disrupt your exclusive belongings when you are out of sight. What can be done regarding it?

Combination Padlocks

All of us probably bear in mind the mix padlocks that we used at school, those rounded padlocks with a large dial. Well these locks have changed as well as advanced.

Advantages of Gun Safes

In the olden days it referred satisfaction holding a gun in the hand. All the tales referring to that age contain description of numerous kings going with searching. It used to be an issue of pride for all the kingdoms to have a king who would be well versed with different types of weapons. With the kingdoms providing method to democracy, the weapons were additionally sidelined. Now they are essentially required by the safety and security agencies comprising of authorities as well as the army and by expert shooters.

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