STOPPED by Deep Sentinel #39: Live Guards Preventing Break-Ins

The weekly compilation of crime stops by Deep Sentinel: live guards on duty, stepping up to prevent crime. Through the use of cameras, AI-technology, and 2-way audio, our live guards are able to PROACTIVELY prevent crime — something that no other alarm or security system can do. Featured on this week’s episode:

1. Our live guard deters a criminal trespassing at a closed convenience store in Los Gatos, CA. As soon as our guard intervenes, the suspect flees the scene. (0:01)
2. Deep Sentinel guard intervenes on a criminal attempting to break-into a gas station after-hours in Campbell, CA. The suspect is seen using a crowbar to tamper with the front entrance, but our guard is able to deter him away from the property before any damage is done. Business owner & local authorities are called to ensure the property is safe. (0:15)
3. Our live guard guard intervenes on a trespasser window peeping & lurking outside of a residential property in Los Angeles, CA — as soon as the suspect hears our guard’s voice, he leaves the premises immediately. (0:25)
4. Deep Sentinel guard intervenes on a loiterer digging through trash outside of a closed commercial building in Los Angeles, CA. Knowing that he does not belong on the property, our Deep Sentinel guard promptly removes him from the vicinity. (0:37)
5. Live guard intervenes on a trespasser attempting to sneak up the front doorstep of a customer’s home in Plattsburgh, NY. Our guard manages to scare him away with the alarm – and contacts the homeowner and local authorities soon after. (0:49)
6. Deep Sentinel guard intervenes on a suspect vandalizing a commercial building with graffiti in Los Angeles, CA. It’s clear that the suspect is startled by our REAL human guard’s voice, and he leaves the property immediately. (0:56)

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Nanny Cameras – If You Suspect That You’re Not Being Told the Truth, a Nanny Camera Shows All

Thought about a spy electronic camera, a baby-sitter webcam is covertly mounted within typical home challenge videotape and keep an eye on caretakers’ activities. The videotaped activities are after that sent out to a host which might be your smart device or computer. Baby-sitter electronic cameras could seem like they were particularly constructed to keep an eye on caretakers’ action however they also serve a couple of more purposes and has flexible uses particularly in today’s world where trust fund is an usual concern. Here are just a couple of usages:

The Significance of Finding a Trusted Locksmith

Whether you like it or not, there will certainly be a time in your life that you will certainly require a locksmith professional. If you are constantly quickly, traveling the majority of the time and also a hectic individual, there is a higher possibility that you may forget keys inside the car or home, or lose your keys. In these type of circumstances, you need to locate a relied on locksmith to assist you out. Below are some necessary things that you require to consider when looking for a trusted locksmith.

You Have the Right to Bear Firearms. But Make Sure You Store Them Safely

Most of us have the right to own a tool however with that said right comes some extremely major duties. If we do not observe those duties it might cause the fatality of somebody innocent and that a person might be you. Ensure that your weapons are safely and also safely kept in an ideal gun secure

Apartment Safety and Security

The variety of condominiums and also houses is expanding really quick in the areas and large cities, thus supplying an option to the problem of suiting big populations in such cities and metros. Lots of people prefer staying in industrial areas to be near their workplace. The advantages of remaining in an industrial district are many.

Take Inventory of Your Door Locks

When was the last time you took a look at your door locks? I mean really took a close appearance at the locks. We stick a key in the lock and also it opens, yet the number of times do you think regarding your locks.

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