STOPPED by Deep Sentinel #6: Scaring Off Loiterers & Trespassers

The weekly compilation of crime stops by Deep Sentinel: live guards on duty, stepping up to prevent crime. Through the use of cameras, AI-technology, and 2-way audio, our live guards are able to PROACTIVELY prevent crime — something that no other alarm or security system can do. Featured on this week’s episode:

• Live guards preventing an auto theft in Miami Beach, FL (0:01)
• Guards scaring off a loiterer from a customers home in San Francisco, CA (0:27)
• Deterring a trespasser at a residential property in Las Vegas, NV (0:41)
• Stopping suspicious trespasser on a property in Dudley, NC (0:58)
• Deterring suspicious person loitering in a residential community at Los Angeles, CA (1:20)
• Guards scaring off suspicious trespasser at a local business in Santa Cruz, California (0:18)
• Live guards cordially greeting the employees at one of our business customer’s properties in Henderson, NV (2:50)

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Are Virtual Doorman Systems Safe?

Lots of people around the globe are currently using digital concierge systems rather than having a physical doorman existence, particularly when it comes to occupants who are seeking to have their parcels provided when they are not readily available themselves to accept distributions because of function or institution dedications. There are also many businesses that currently utilize these services, as remote identity verification and entrance attended to commercial buildings suggests that they can save cash on working with a complete time safety and security visibility when it is not actually needed. Moreover, the use of these online doorman and also aiphone …

Security Tips for Residential Doors

Shielding your house from any kind of invasion as well as burglary should be made as the initial concern. One of the usual dangers dealt with by homes is theft and the means to decrease this risk is by making your residence difficult to enter. By boosting the safety and security, you can decrease the possibilities of burglary and also prevent it.

Security Camera Systems for Apartment Complexes – Why Go Wireless?

Till a couple of years back, all tools around the house as well as workplace were connected to wires. A collection of cables, bunched inside housings, running along wall surfaces was a typical sighting. Nevertheless, today, apartment proprietors like a tidy, non-clustered look. Thus, cordless as well as mobile systems are now delighting in immense favor. Going wireless is also an alternative when it involves suitable security electronic camera systems for apartment or condo complexes. And also, there is a checklist benefits that can make it an ideal option for you. Have a look.

The 7 Best Features in Surveillance Systems for Apartment Buildings

Out on the marketplace to purchase a security system for apartment? Wondering which model will be the very best for your home? Maintaining your residential or commercial property risk-free and minimizing the risk of being intercepted is possible only with a feature-loaded, fully-functional surveillance security system. Every supplier claims only to make the very best. If you want good value for your money, below are 7 functions that you must have.

Multifamily Building Surveillance System Installation – It Makes a Difference

A multifamily building is a complicated that is made of several private real estate systems to accommodate a number of family members. Its extremely nature makes it a very easy target for intruders. With so many people getting in the premises, most of whom you don’t understand, it’s difficult to presume who is a genuine visitor and that has a criminal intent at the rear of their mind. This is where a surveillance system action in. If you are residential or commercial property owner as well as you lease out your holding to lessees, a multifamily building surveillance system setup can mean the distinction in between getting and also shedding renters.

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