Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro: Proactively Protect Packages and Deter Porch Pirates

The Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro does more than just detect packages, it helps protect them. Deter package thieves with the only camera with Smart Sentry AI. Learn more:

Vivint’s proprietary Smart Sentry™ AI technology detects and notifies you when a package is delivered to your door. If anyone approaches your delivery, Smart Sentry turns the camera’s LED ring red and sounds a loud alert, causing the potential porch pirate to look up and know they’ve been caught on camera.

The video doorbell features an exclusive 180°x180° lens—the largest view offered in a doorbell camera—that makes sure you can still see the faces of tall visitors along with packages placed right under your doorbell.

With the doorbell camera’s 1080p HDR video sensor, you can stream detailed HD video, day or night, even when you zoom in. To make sure you only see what matters, the Doorbell Camera Pro is designed to detect and react to people and packages, not pets or passing cars.

Best of all, the Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro integrates with a Vivint Smart Home system, providing greater home security and peace of mind.

Get a Vivint system with a Doorbell Camera Pro today. Call (855) 692-4236 or learn more at

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